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Ramsey+ Membership
Ramsey+ Membership

In the below links, you will find important information on how to set up your free, 1-year subscription to Ramsey+ through our Church Site License, and start your journey toward financial peace.

The Ramsey team recommends that couples work in one membership, rather than creating two individual accounts. Working together in one membership will help you both “get on the same page” with regard to your finances. Simply create a “household” email address that you both can use as a way of uniting your financial focus.

Financial Peace University

Learn Biblical principles for stewardship in the upcoming Financial Peace University class, 6:30-8:00 p.m., starting Monday, Jan 22 in the Northwest Meeting Room. This 10-week class is $60 per household. Partial scholarships are available upon request. A PDF version of the book is available for download on the Ramsey+ site, after you sign up. Otherwise, the a v4 hardcover book will be available for $20, the first night of the class. Books can be shared within households, if desired. Register for the class using the QR code. You can also register for child care for those 5 and under. If you have questions, contact Caleb Pedersen at

What if I recently purchased my own “paid for” Ramsey+ account?

To take advantage of the free account offered to you through the Church Site License:

  1. Follow the “Where do I start?” instructions, below, to create your new Church Site License membership.
  2. Contact the Customer Success Team at and tell them you are a member of a Site License Church and request that they:
  • Refund your recent payment for your “paid for” membership.
  • Cancel your “paid for” membership.
  • Remove your debit card information.
Where do I start?

We’ve made it really easy! Just follow these instructions:

  1. Watch this video to learn how to activate your Ramsey+ account.
  2. Use this link, which is unique to our church, to create your free Ramsey+ account
  3. You may receive an email requesting you to verify your email account. If so, simply click “Verify Email” and you should be set.
  4. No need to wait! Begin to take advantage of the content and tools by logging in to your Ramsey+ account: