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Right Now Media
Right Now Media

Our Right Now Media church-wide subscription will be ending in August. As such, we would like to highlight other resources that are available for study and personal growth. You can find several books at the Information Center that touch on sermon series topics, issues discussed in “The Gospel and…” sessions, as well as others. Additionally, our Church Library, near the East entrance, and the Children’s Library, located in the lower level have lots of resources. As always, ministry leaders seek to assist you in finding resources, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.

Rooted | Fall 2024
Join eFree’s Rooted Experience.  This 10-week experience builds an understanding of essential rhythms which deepen our relationship with God and one another.  Onsite groups begin Monday, September 9 (6:30pm).  Additional offsite groups may be offered. Each participant needs to register by August 25. Let’s get Rooted!
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One way that we as a church can encourage one another, is by sharing stories of growth, of love, of service…of positivity.

No matter how big, or how small…it’s all important, it all counts, it all matters.


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Marriage Enrichment Program

The new Marriage Enrichment program will pair interested couples with a trained couple who will come alongside and walk with them as Pathway Guides. They will help them journey toward marital joy in Christ and encourage them to take the next steps together for their marriage on the Discipleship Pathway.

*More information to follow.


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